Seminole Indians: Field Trip to Billie Swamp Safari

This year we are studying American History I through Winter Promise.  The study begins with Native Americans and includes a brief overview on the Seminole Indians in the supplemental book: History Pockets: Native Americans by Evan-Moor Publishers.

Living in South Florida I couldn’t pass up a chance to visit the Seminole Indian Reservation, especially since we are also studying Florida History and the Everglades as part of our Nature and Geography studies.  I really enjoy taking the kids on field trips that supplement their studies. I know some homeschoolers don’t worry if they tie in to their studies but I specifically work towards investing in field trips that are relevant to our actual studies. It is amazing to me how much information my children recall and retain after going on a field trip.

We went to Billie Swamp Safari with our co-op group and had a terrific time taking in the Critter and Reptile show and then watching a Seminole Indian man wrestle a live alligator as the guide explained how “alligator wrestling” began.

It was nice to spend the day on an Indian Reservation (the employees were all so kind to the children and attentive).  We also learned many interesting facts about the Seminoles (Did you know that the Seminole Indians are the only tribe NEVER to have surrendered or sign the Peace Treaty?) and brought back a few souvenirs too (alligator head anyone?) .

It was also the first time I did a field trip with all FIVE children by myself and I was proud of myself for just going for it—and of them for all behaving wonderfully!

I think Baby Sister and Cutie Pie are ready to join in on our homeschooling adventures more regularly.

Teacher Mom

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    Several years ago we took a field trip there when we were in the area for our winter vacation. We even stayed the night in one of their Chicki Huts (is that how you spell it?). THAT was quite an experience as one of their critters got out in the night… oh, and they close and lock the gate at night fall… we were basically locked in there until someone came back in the morning. They said there was a night patrolman who would be around, but we never saw anyone. It made us a bit nervous as there was only one other guest there that night besides us! (LOL). WE STILL talk about that adventure all these yars later!