How to hide your Tweets from followers during Twitter Parties

While many of us enjoy participating in Twitter Parties/Chats it can be annoying for those who follow us. If you want to avoid overwhelming your followers (and risking them hiding or unfollowing you), you can easily “hide” your Twitter chats from your feed. This is especially useful when live-tweeting events or shows.

Did you know that you can hide your Tweets from followers during Twitter Parties?

Here’s how you do it: Start any tweet that you want to hide from your stream with @HideChat or @HideTweet and then write your tweet along with the #hashtag you are using.

Please note: Do not follow @hidechat or @hidetweet as this is only a twitter command that allows you to hide your tweet from your stream.

You shouldn’t feel the need to hide ALL of your Tweets from live events or Twitter parties. But you can use this Twitter command to help tone down your stream—-particularly if you are very active during a Twitter Party.

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    Karin – how exactly does a twitter party work? I attended my 1st one a while back and was relatively frustrated. I don’t have a smartphone, which might make a difference. Any advice you can give would be appreciated! Shoot me an email. Thanks! And thanks for letting me know about the @hide thing. If I figure out the next Twitter party I’ll use it. Thanks again!