Artist Study: Giotto

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Giotto di Bondone is the subject of our first Artist Study.  Please read this post to find out more about the artists we plan to study in this series. We invite you to join us!


Summary of Giotto di Bondone

Although not much is known about Giotto’s life,  he is a notable artist because he is known as the father of modern painting and one one of the world’s greatest artists.  His most notable contribution to art was his use of space and perspective.  Until Giotto, paintings were flat with no movement or background.  He was also the first European artist to show expression and emotion in his subjects.This was especially important since the majority of people during this time period could not read, so art was used as a way of teaching religious stories.

In addition to being a talented artist,  Giotto was also an architect.  He designed the famous bell tower in Florence, Italy, which still carries the name, Giotto’s Tower.


Art Lesson:

L (age 7), R (age 9)

For our art lesson we painted a piece inspired by Berlinghiero’s Madonna & Child.  In this way the children could explore how art was performed BEFORE Giotto’s contribution while also exploring painting religious themed art, as Giotto did.

L (age 9), R (age 4)

Teaching Resources:



Getting to know the world’s greatest Artists: Giotto

Giotto (coffee table art book)

A boy named Giotto (children’s picture book)



Giotto Biography Page

Giotto Picture Study (3 pages)

Generic picture study page (cut out your own photo and attach)


Artist Study: Our plans for this year


I’m very excited about our plans for this year’s Artist Study.  We are embarking on another year of art with a fabulous local art teacher who has graciously allowed me to select the artists that we study.  She (thankfully) teaches the art lesson in her local studio and I do my best to supplement throughout the week with books on the artist, a notebooking page and sometimes  extra art projects.


Our Artist Study will include:

Giotto di Bondone

William Blake


Edvard Munch

Henri Matisse

Piet Mondrian

Joseph Stella

Edward Hopper

Krida Kahlo

Kranz Kline

Jasper Johns


You can follow along with us each week as I share our latest art work, resources and printables. I hope something from our study will inspire you to conduct an Artist Study of your own.

iPhone Photo Dump: Week 5

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For some reason people are generally curious about what we drive our family around in.

We affectionately refer to this as “the school bus”.  If I’m only transporting a few of the children I drive an SUV.

When asked what they did in school this week, the boys can answer “We built a solar powered robot”. How cool is that?

This week’s nature study had us identifying this caterpillar.

It’s a Lo Moth and it’s common in Florida. Who knew?

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Our Extra Curricular activities each week include:

Art Lessons



Tae KwanDo

Kids For Truth

Library Storytime



Horseback Riding

I’m beginning to think I need an R.V so I can just homeschool at traffic lights and parking lots of various places I drive children.

For me the first month of our new schedule is always the toughest as I TRY to adjust my expectations to life’s limitations.

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Lesson Plans & Downloads


Confessions of a Homeschooler is sharing her World’s Greatest Artist Volume I and Volume II for FREE this month, so hurry up and download these great lessons.


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Online Learning:

Math Fact Basketball:  Kids can practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts.

Alien Addition

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My Weather Calendar

Weather calendars are a great way to practice calendar skills and learn about weather at the same time.  Older children can expand their learning by graphing the weather results in various ways, calculating average temperatures and practicing predictions.

I hope these printables will be useful in your homeschool or classroom.  Please feel free to share the link to this blog post with others.  If you use this with your child/ren I would love to hear about it in the comments.

My Weather Calendar Notebook Printables:

My Weather Calendar

My Weather Picture Graph