10 Reasons our children like homeschool Field Trips

Homeschooling allows us incredible opportunities for hands-on learning as a family.  For us, most of our hands-on learning opportunities come through field trips, both locally and across the USA.  Instead of my children experiencing field trips separately, we can experience them as a family.  We can also go on as many field trips as our budgets and time allow for.

Many homeschool families even take weekly field trips (usually on Fridays).  When our children were younger it was not uncommon for us to have 2-3 field trips a week! Who wouldn’t enjoy that?

Top 10 Reasons our children like homeschool field trips

It’s okay to have fun (and be silly) while learning!


Desert Museum Arizona

Learning can be an adventure, especially when it’s done on an RV
 You can explore caves at night without getting in trouble
Florida Caverns

Your Mom just doesn’t just let you hold an alligator, she takes your picture too! 

You say you want to learn about bats, so your parents take you to
 Austin Texas to visit the largest Urban Bat colony in the United States. 

Congress Avenue Bridge, Texas
It’s fun to learn with your siblings, even if they’re younger (or older) than you

There are Bugs….
 You learn about the Everglades by walking in it
Ten Thousand Islands

 Travel learning beats textbook learning—every time.

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Teacher Mom

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    Thanks for the mention!

    You are one brave mama! I don’t think I could handle my kids holding snakes and alligators! (Dad would have to take that picture)