High Tech Homeschoolers

Our Promethean Activboard got delivered today!
Who said homeschoolers cannot be high tech?

In case you don’t know what an Activboard is, it’s an interactive whiteboard.

When I spoke at the Heart of the Matter Homeschooling Conference, one of the great resources I shared during my session was Promethean Planet. It is one of my favorite resources for interactive multi media learning. The best part is that you do not need an interactive whiteboard to use the FREE lesson plans that are shared on that site, just a mouse!

There are so many great features I’m excited about including the adjustable motorized screen.
This feature ensures that we can use the board easily from Kindergarten through high school—not that I’m ready to commit to homeschooling through the high school years.

Another great feature is that I can display anything I have on my computer on the white board.
I just love that. There are so many great things I find on the internet and I love that all four of us are going to be able to look at it on the big screen together. Actually, maybe our whole homeschool co-op will squeeze in and enjoy it!

I was very impressed with how the pen works. It is really easy for the kids to write on the board. Just as much fun as a regular whiteboard…or “maybe a little more” according to G-man. I know I had a ball writing on it tonight during the online tutorial.

Plus, everything I do on the whiteboard I can print out or save. How great is that? I can write math problems on the board and then print it out later to stick in our portfolio.

Of course the most exciting part of having an interactive whiteboard is the hands-on multi media lesson plans I can use and create. I’m sure as we start using the board and I become more confident I will discover even more reasons to be excited about this new addition to our school room.

This was just the incentive I needed to finish setting up my office/school room.
Stay tuned for more on our high tech learning!

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  1. says

    Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!

    I tried for years to score one for my classroom, I couldn't imagine getting one for my homeschool….I would literally die and go to heaven. WOW! I have never been so jealous of someone until now. Wow.

    Now you really can join us in Homeschool Techie 101 at The Snail's Trail!

  2. says

    I used a whiteboard in the classroom while teaching elementary school and love them! Is it crazy expensive to get a small one to use at home?

    heatherlbrandt(at) verizon (dot) net