Field Trip: Miami Zoo

We visited the Miami Metro Zoo today.  Of course I took everyone.  I think it’s time that the littlest ones in our home school get out on some adventures and take in the fresh air.  Doing so meant a quick trip to the storage locker where I took out our Valco double stroller. It is now 7 years old and none worse for the wear!
We spent most of our time looking at the Amazon & Beyond Exhibit. Although, I didn’t take many pictures of that for some reason.  The Miami Zoo is one of my favorite zoos simply because it is so kid friendly.  Which seems obvious, but for some reason isn’t at other zoos.  It is a LARGE property with a lot of walking, but there is music, sound systems, beautiful landscaping and things to climb on along the way.  It was a hit with all the kids!

While we were visiting they had an exhibit entitled, “The Scoop on Poop” which just captured my sons’ attention.  They were determined we would see it and I must admit the exhibit didn’t disappoint.  Upon entering we learned about elephant poop and were able to step on a scale to figure out how long it would take an elephant to poop out our body weight.  Baby Sister, me and the diaper bag would take an elephant 8 hours to poop out.  Cutie Pie was just an hour.  I know you were curious.

My only regret for the day was not canceling piano so we could have arrived upon opening, and downloading the Zoo Podcast before we went.  Luckily we plan on going again—-very soon.
Teacher Mom

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    Enjoyed your zoo pictures! We're in the snowy north so zoo days are a few months away for us :o) I read your review on Charlotte Mason's Geography book and hopped on over to visit your blog; am following.